Woolly Beaver
Wooly beaver
Fur Color Brown
Eye color Black
Enemies Scott

The Woolly Beaver is one of the animals that appears in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Giant Beavers are not to be confused with the Woolly Beavers, as giant beavers have two tails, and have spikes on their backs, while Woolly Beavers have tusks.

A giant beaver is first seen chasing after Scott in Truth or Laser Shark, while he was looking for the McLean-Brand Chris Head. Other two giant beavers appear later as obstacles in the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course" as part of the challenge. Their role is to eat the support of some wooden platforms to make the contestants fall. They manage to make B fall, but he makes a female Giant Beaver out of mud to distract them. Later they capture Zoey and try to eat her, but she kicks them in the groin and they let her free.

Two giant beavers appear again in Runaway Model fighting with a two-headed bunny.

Another Giant Beaver appeared in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, chasing after Scott after he dropped a tree on it.


  • The woolly beaver is shown to be affected by the biohazardous waste on Boney island. Chris mentions in the first season that they are from the Pleistocene era. They are active during the day and are meat-eaters.