The following article is a list of trailers, previews and sneak peeks for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Cartoon NetworkEdit

Cartoon Network's Trailer #1Edit


  • Announcer: Total Drama gutted it out around the globe.
    Courtney: Less yacking, more packing.
  • Announcer: Total Drama stunk up the set.
    Duncan: Kinda like Harold's butt cheeks! (starts laughing)
    Harold: (farts and laughs)
  • Announcer:...and now Total Drama returns where it all began
    Total Drama returns to the island for an all new fourth season. Total Drama! A new season, coming in 2011 to Cartoon Network.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Sneak PeekEdit


  • Chris: Camp Wawanakwa! Once a paradise on Earth, now a radioactive dump! The perfect setting to drop a gang of teen-freaks and let 'em run wild! We're going back to the island, baby!
    (the scene switches to the forest rumbling, waking up the creatures living in the trees)
    (the scene switches to the contestants on the beach)
    All: Ahhh!! (they all run)
  • Chris: A whole new set of campers. Each one more abnormal than the next.
    (the scene shows B, Dawn, Zoey, Jo and Mike dodging a toilet)
    (the next clips show Ann Maria opening her spray tan)
    (the next scene shows Lighting climbing a cliff, but is hit with a falling ice cube, and collides with Scott)
    (the next scene shows Sam, Dawn, B and Lightning)
    Sam: Ya-hoo!
    Dawn: Yay!
    Lightning: Yeah!
  • Chris: A whole new set of radioactive challenges!
    (during that quote, it shows Ann Maria growling and punching Brick)
    Zoey: What? (Mike and Zoey jumps off the cliff)
  • Chris: Insane (Lightning gets kicked with a giant boot), deranged (Staci is eaten by a giant Venus Fly-Trap), disgusting (Sam spits out food).
  • Chris: These are just a few words that describe (during those lines, the scene shows Cameron being attacked by a giant cockroach, saying that he wants his "bubble") this season's high level of drama and another million dollar prize! Stay tuned for a brand new vengeful season of Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!
  • Announcer: Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! Coming this fall, on Teletoon!


thumb|Erin interviews Chris about season four.