The following is a List of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Episodes.

Screenshot Title Original airdate (Canada) Season Episode #
Tdroti9 Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! January 5, 2012 4 1
The contestants are introduced into a brand new season, but they are started out with a challenge as soon as they arrive. They are placed on to two teams (Mutant Maggots and the Toxic Rats). Special cameo by Owen.
830px-TDROTINEW5!!! Truth or Mutant Shark January 12, 2012 4 2
The contestants have to admit emberassing facts about themselves and go through a dangerous obstacle course.
TDR 081 PO253 P1-copy Ice Ice Baby January 19, 2012 4 3
The contestants have to compete in a snow-fort capture the flag challenge. The first team to capture their flag wins. A previously eliminated contestant comes back to the show, but as an intern.
386156 266075333441312 103520316363482 695640 731283826 n Finders Creepers January 26, 2012 4 4
The final ten go on a scavenger hunt to search for a gigantic mutated spider, but one by one they are taken by the spider. Two enemies learned to get along during a challenge.
59056 Backstabbers Ahoy! February 2, 2012 4 5

The teams compete in a water skiing challenge. One contestant sabotages his team's chance at winning and another found out about him, but he ends up getting her eliminated. Special cameo by Bridgette.

1-8 Runaway Model February 9, 2012 4 6
The contestants have to find an animal and dress it up for a fashion contest and the judges (Chris, Chef and past contestant Lindsay) judge them to see which team wins. However, the fashion show is ruined and the teams end up saving Lindsay... or do they? Another two contestants find love on the show. Special cameo by Lindsay. (ALREADY MENTIONED, YO!)
Angrybeavers A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste February 16, 2012 4 7
A shocking challenge with a shocking twist at the end. As one past-contestant gives a current contestant a diamond, she ends up quitting the show, not knowing it's a fake. In shortage of female contestants, Chris decides to bring back someone who's been working on the show.
Photo0483 The Treasure Island of Dr.Mclean February 23, 2012 4 8
The contestants wake up in rafts and they have to return to the island for a hunt for two contestants that were buried somewhere on the island. One contestant becomes a radioactive monster because of her work as an intern. Someone was eliminated from the show, but he reveals to have an immunity totem, saving him from elimination, but eliminating a monster in the process.
Mikemeron Grand Chef Auto March 1,2012 4 9
The contestants compete in a scavenger hunt around the island. As Chris wasn't around, Chef tampered with the challenge, stating that the final pin-point is the Chris statue. Scott attempts to break the bonds between Mike and Zoey.
* Up UP And Away In My Pitiful Balloon March 8,2012 4 10
The contestants compete in a flying challenge, but when the million dollars is stolen by the previous finalist, Heather, Chris orders the final five to take back what's their future prize. One contestant seeks revenge on another for eliminating her love interest, while one contestant breaks free from his bully. Special cameo by Heather.
Eat Puke And Be Wary March 22,2012 4 11
This episode has an eating challenge. In here, Scott, Zoey, Cameron and Lightning face each other for a spot in the final three. In the end, Scott was intended to win the challenge, but due to his payback from Zoey, Scott is severely injured. This causes Scott to get eliminated, so Cameron, Zoey and Lightning are now the final three. Special cameo by DJ.
Final3 The Enchanted Franken-Forest March 29,2012 4 12
Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown April 12,2012 4 13
It's the final showdown! Cameron vs. Lightning - Who will win?