This article contains the list of challenges that happened in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

The contestants had to compete in a race around the island to the finish line. After that, they were assigned to two different teams and had to cut down their team's log from a tree with only and axe and saw. After cutting it down, they had to race down a waterfall and a mountain.

Truth or Mutant Shark

The contestants had a quiz game at the Bay of Dismay involving answering embarassing facts about themselves or risk being submerged in the presence of a mutant shark, Fang. But, because the teams wouldn't cooperate, they had a new challenge involving a relay race through a large wooden obstacle course all while passing their mascot and wearing glasses that affected their vision.

Ice Ice Baby

The contestants had to climb up a huge mountain and could useful junk from a large pile to help. However, the pile was guarded by a giant mutant cockroach, and Chef was dropping large icecubes at the climbers. The winning team got a reward in Part Two. In Part Two, the winning team got first picks of one of two snow forts. The two teams then played a game of capture the flag.

Finders Creepers

The contestants had a clue hunt in the middle of the night. The first clue is located in a hole, placed in a bear trap. The second clue is in a tree guarded by a mutated octopus monster. The third clue is in a cemetery. The clues then lead to a spider's nest, where contestants might already be trapped, which leads to the finish line after racing down a zip line on a hook found in the cave.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

The contestants went diving for water skis using scuba gear while the rest of the team pumped air into the divers' suits. The winning team got a reward in Part Two. In Part Two, the winning team got a speed boat while the losing team got a leaky dingy. The two teams then raced to shoot three bells on water mines using a "Gull" cannon.

Runaway Model

The contestants had to capture an animal or monster on the island and dress it for a runway show. But, when Lindsay, one of the judges, got kidnapped by Sasquatchanakwa, the Rats' entry, they got a new challenge. The new challenge involved rescueing Lindsay from a resort building site on Boney Island.

A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The Treasure Island of Dr. Mclean

Grand Chef Auto

Up Up and Away

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

Episode 13