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Like any other wiki, this wiki does have some rules. Not strict ones, but simple rules mostly everyone knows.

  1. Please be nice to other users. Being rude to a user will lead to a one week ban.
  2. Please don't upload fan made images to the articles. If this continues, the user will receive a one day ban. However, you're allowed to upload fan made images to the characters talk page.
  3. If a ban user makes another account during their ban, the account will be banned for good and the user that made the account will have their ban doubled. However, you're allowed to have 2 accounts if you please. However, if one is banned, the other will be banned as well.
  4. Please don't make Predictions/fan fictions on articles, try to place them in a blog. If the user constantly does this, they will receive a three day ban. However, if you do make one on a mainspace article, I'll move it to the user's blog page.
  5. Vandalism will lead to a indefinite ban. Sorry, but I do not like vandals.
  6. Making an unrelated article to the wiki will lead to a 3-day ban.
  7. Inserting predictions to articles will lead to a 2-day ban.
  8. Do not plagiarize from other wikis. If you're caught doing that, you will receive a ban.
  9. Have fun! :D

Also, if you want to be a rollback on this wiki, here are some ways to become one:

  1. You must be active.
  2. You must have at least 75 edits. However, you must have mainspace edits as well.
  3. You must help users on this wiki.

Fan Fictions are another thing on the wiki. Yes, you may add a fan fiction on here. There are many different ways you could, one is by making a forum page with your stories, one is "Talk:(character's name)/Fanon Stories" or subpages on your userpage. Personally, I like the Forum page thing better. :P

Promotions will be decided either by me or by a wiki vote.

To request to be a rollback, type your username in the following with your signature and press enter, and on the blank page given to you, explain why you want to be a rollback.