thumb|300px|right This clip has Erin Tapley interviewing Chris McLean.


Chris McLean: Welcome to Total Drama Casting Call! Chris McLean here with Erin Tapley, Teletoon's Casting Call Contest winner. Erin is here to interview moi, "The host with the most" about... you guessed it... Total Drama!
Erin: What was the most funniest thing you ever saw while hosting TD?
Chris McLean: The blossoming relationship that developed between Owen and Mr. Coconut. Ha-ha-ha.
Erin: Last season, everyone sing but you. Can you sing something now?
Chris McLean: The thing about that is, I had a lot of music that I wanted to bring for, but I couldn't because I have a little gag order on me from my old boy-band, "Fametown".
Erin: Why do you make Chef wear dresses?
Chris McLean: Yeah, OK, back it up a little. I don't make Chef do anything. The whole dress thing, that's his own thing.
Erin: Who did you think was going to win Total Drama World Tour and why?
Chris McLean: Well, I can tell you one thing, it wasn't Ezekiel that's for sure. That guy won't just go away. I was kinda rooting for Lindsay a little bit but she tapped out early. After that...well, I didn't really care. It was about the ratings... and me!
Erin: Will any of my favorite campers be returning?
Chris McLean: Yeah, some of your favorite campers will be returning because they have a contact to fulfill.
Erin: Can you tell us the names of this year's teams?
Chris McLean: The teams for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island are... The Mutant Maggots!... and The Toxic Rats! Classic!
Erin: What is coming up for season four?
Chris McLean: The most dangerous place on Earth for the hardest, cruelest, the most painfullest million dollar competition ever! Right back to where it all began... Camp Wawanakwa!
(the janitor farts)
Erin and Chris McLean: Ew!


  • In this interview, Chris McLean reveals some information:
    • The funniest thing he was on the show was Owen and Mr. Coconut's friendship.
    • Chef's dress phase was his idea.
    • He was rooting for Lindsay in World Tour, but didn't care about the show (except for ratings and himself) after her elimination.
    • Some of the campers (Duncan, Harold and Lindsay) are returning because of their contracts.
    • That the team names for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island are the Mutant Maggots and Toxic Rats.