Gender Female
Hair color Light Blonde/Grey
Eye color Grey
Friends Chris McLean
Voice actor Erin Tapley

Erin Tapley is the Teletoon contest winner. Since she won, she had her own animated cartoon character and voice recorded with Christian Potenza.


In her only appearance, she interviews Chris McLean about the upcoming season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She asks him what the most funniest moment on the show while hosting, in Chris' response, the relationship between Owen and Mr. Coconut. The second question she asked is everyone sang but him and asked him if he can sing something now, in Chris' response, he had a lot of song ideas, but had some past boy band problems. The third question she asked is why Chris makes Chef Hatchet wear dresses, though Chris says that it's Chef's idea. The fourth question she asked is who did he wanted to win Total Drama World Tour and why, Chris said that he didn't want Ezekiel to win and he said he was rooting for Lindsay. The fifth question she asks is if anyone of her favorite campers are returning, he said that some of them are returning due to their contracts. The sixth question she asked was asking what the season four team names are, which Chris said Mutant Maggots and Toxic Rats. The final question she asked was "What is coming up for season four?", Chris replied with an exciting expression that it's going to be the most painfullest, cruelest season ever and it's going to be on the most dangerous place on Earth, Camp Wawanakwa. The video ended with the janitor farting, causing Erin and Chris to say "Ew".


  • One of the questions she asked "Last season, everyone sang but you, can you sing something now?" However, Chris sang in two songs last season.


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