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Camp Wawanakwa is the location Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is taking place. However, unlike Total Drama Island, it's been turned into a nuclear waste dump.


As shown in the trailer, the island's dock is run down to the point were most of it is held by tape. Though, the cabins, the bathrooms and the main lodge appear to be on the island. The Bond Fire Ceremony appears in the trailer as well.

The Haunted ForestEdit

According to one of the images on the official Total Drama: Revenge of the Island [ websites], there's a Haunted Forest on the show. In the images, it show barrels of toxic waste.

The Graveyard and SwampEdit

Discovered on a freshblog interview with the staff of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, there were suppose to be a graveyard and a swamp area on the show. However, they didn't make the cut. According to the Graveyard sketch, it was supposed to appear in episode three.


During the Teletoon trailer of the season, the island is shown to have different features.