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  • SierraFanGuy

    Who Is The Best TDROTI Character ? B Brick Anne Maria Dawn Mike Cameron Lightning Zoey Dakota Scott Staci Sam Jo

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  • PaFLover4Eternity

    I'm Retiring

    August 24, 2012 by PaFLover4Eternity

    After being on this wiki for two months (one as an admin), I finally decided to retire from this wiki, since I've moved on to new things, like Phineas and Ferb (Hence my username). However, I will leave my admin job to PhoenixDragonSamurai (hard working contributor on the Total Drama wikis), and jackninja5 (also contributed to the content). My last words are: Goodbye, I'll miss you!.

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  • PaFLover4Eternity

    Dear Wendy,

    I would like to adopt this wiki because (1) there hasn't been editing/contributions from any admin since April 9, with Breakingmikey. (2) Secondly, the previous edits involve plagiarism from Pitbull y Harold, which I sent Wikia an email about. By now, I'm pretty sure they look over my report and go after a wiki-content stealer. (3) Third, I've contributed in a very nice (and fair) way. (4) Since I reverted vandalism/plagiarism, I definetely deserve an adminship/adoption of this wiki. (5) Since I do not have anything else to say, I'll hope to adopt this wiki.

    --Don't be timid, come talk to me. 20:24, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AverageHero

    Hey, it's Avi!

    Just wanted to say that I'm gonna start coming by more often in hopes of improving the episode and character pages.

    One suggestion also, shouldn't we upgrade the main page, because it's talkin about Staci JUST getting eliminated. I'm sure some people probably already know that, but I was just seeing.

    Anyways, that is all.

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  • Funny HaHa Good Times Michael

    I have a suggestion we should make for this wiki. Back on the old wiki, we had fan clubs. Why don't we do them here? I think they were cool. I want to be the leader of the Mike fan club. Back on the old wiki, I was the leader of that club. I think having fan clubs for each contestant would be cool.

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  • Funny HaHa Good Times Michael

    On the front page, It still says that the upcoming episode is "Bigger, Badder, Brutaler", or whatever it's called. Someone should update that, cause were on like, episode 7 or whatever. I would update it, but I don't know how to. I'm just saying.

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  • TDWT25

    EPISODES IN HQ (Italian)

    February 3, 2012 by TDWT25


    go to

    Copy and Paste Any of these links:

    EPISODE 6:

    Episode 7:

    Episode 8:

    Episode 9:

    Episode 10:

    Episode 11:

    Episode 12:



    Stay tuned for Episode 12! 21:47, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon
    • Staci- Sadie
    • Dakota- Lindsay with Courtney's attitude
    • B- Justin and Owen
    • Dawn- Bridgette (Bridgette is much nicer than Boyfriend Stealer Gwen)
    • Sam- Older Cody
    • Brick- Duncan and Eva combined
    • Anne Maria- LeShawna
    • Mike- Noah and Cody
    • Jo- Eva
    • Scott- Geoff (Scott is the "New Geoff" since they got people eliminated from the show, in that case, Geoff's suggestion for a rescue team sidelined Beth, Justin, Trent, Eva, Katie, Sadie, and himself. Scott eliminated a few people)
    • Zoey- Heather with Lindsay's attitude (I only thought Zoey and Heather were alike because of looks)
    • Lightning- DJ
    • Cameron- Harold and Ezekiel
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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon

    Okay. So, there was some curiousity on why the "swollen eye" trivia was unnecessary trivia after Aimers deleted that note on the Gwen page on the Total Drama Wiki ("Let's Sing a Song about bad trivia"):

    For example, a user posts:

    • Justin, Cody, Courtney, Lindsay, Izzy, Geoff, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Sierra, and Alejandro are the only contestants that have gotten a swollen eye at some point.

    Then another user deletes it.

    Question for you all: Why is the swollen eye trivia a bad trivia? That's what I don't understand. Last year, the trivia was deleted for unknown reasons.

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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon

    Season 1: Owen. He was the first winner who's ending was made years prior to Gwen's victory.

    Season 2: Beth. She is considered the canon winner since the CMTDARS Special show her and Lindsay in France. It can be implied that Beth was also the canon winner for Total Drama Action since a scene from that said special show her with a wheelbarrow of money, likely her million dollar prize, ready to bail her and Lindsay out.

    Season 3: Alejandro. He is considered the canon winner of Total Drama World Tour since a scene showed that Alejandro was concerned about the money, by telling Chris: "Chris, the million dollars. Is it safe?". It is implied that Alejandro is the real winner for TDWT, even though his ending was made after Heather's. He is the can…

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  • TheWizardOfAlarcon
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  • Funny HaHa Good Times Michael

    Names Michael. I'm new to the wiki, but I was a member of the old wiki until it moved to this one. I used to be a jerk who messed up pages accidently. I didn't mean to, so for the old membere I meet, I'm sorry for what I did back then. Now, I've changed and I hope to have fun here.

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  • Heather fun
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  • AlarconHills

    I'm Sorry

    December 26, 2011 by AlarconHills

    I'm sorry for my harsh attitude this lately. I've never acted so akward. I feel as wierd as Trent was when Duncan and Gwen were dating in the real series. To make things worse, I called TDA15 out in an innaproriate manner on another wiki.

    izzynsierra: You know about my rant about TDA15 and his threat to ban me. I deserve a ban request from Mikey.

    breakingmikey:You're an admin. I might not be able to be on Wikia anymore because of my rants about users and their threats. Plus, I requested an account disability request via Special:Contact. I can tell by my attitude and reactions that my ban is coming towards me like a lava molten rock about to hit Heather in the TDWT FIinale.

    Ryan/TDIFan13: You knew about it, and you told me that I get banned if…

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    13th Staci

    12th Dakota

    11th B

    10th Dawn

    9th Sam

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  • AlarconHills

    Oh Say, can you see by the king's constant fluff What so madly we saw On the Blainerific's page Whose six edits in a row lost him great sanity O'er the mountains we saw that icekid blowing his top As the rockets red blare His rants bursting in air gave proof to CD that he want to be banned Oh say, does that icekid deserve to be banned? O'er his rants about users and the fluffs that he makes.

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  • AlarconHills

    and Geoff. Pays homage to "Who Can You Trust?" when they were paired up for one of the challenges.]] Read more >
  • Flames 66


    October 6, 2011 by Flames 66

    Would You ever be apart of the TOTAL DRAMA Wiki!

    Mikey and I are but we need more users here!

    This Wiki should be at the top of wikia!

    So I need your help!


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  • Breakingmikey

    It's finally out... with six brand new images of TDRI. Yay ^_^

    Here are the images... that are cropped out:

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  • Zekebud6

    This is TDBOTT and it stands for:Total Drama Battle of the Tour.

    Gwen Radio booms Returns Run as fast as you can or a shoot Part 1
    Sam Gadget builders 17th Run as fast as you can or a shoot Part 2
    Mike Gadget bommers Returns Himmalais mountains
    Zoey Gadget builders 15th Aunt artica tours
    Trent Gadget bommers 14th Lazer skills Booms away
    Lightning Radio booms 13th Dancing like a Hedge
    Izzy Radio booms 12th Boom-a-rang no girls allowed!
    DJ Gadget builders 11th Battle of the Tour Part 1
    Owen Gadget builders 10th Battle of the Tour Part 2
    Gwen Radio booms 9th Cave fight Merged
    Sierra Gadget boomers 8th No Explovsive food
    Duncan Radio booms 7th Good Harold
    Harold Radio booms 6th bad time
    Ezekiel Gadget bommers 5th What`s the time?
    Courtney Gadget builders 4th…

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  • Jarrod777

    coment below if you think it is real or fake

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  • Bongo9911

    Bongo's Mega Art

    August 2, 2011 by Bongo9911

    I'm starting Bongo's Mega Art on the new wiki here is what I will make for you


    poses for the characters I make for you

    you anywhere you want from the first 3 total drama seasons (character doesn't have to be made by me)

    you on the cake flyer just tell me what you want your description to be (character doesn't have to be made by me)


    be the first to request something

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  • Gary the Gaget Dude

    Hiya. I'm Gary the Gaget Dude and I'd like to share with you; my predictions for TDRI.

    I think that the elimination will go somewhat like this;

    • Cameron - Cameron is kind of "small". He looks like that guy who'd get picked on often by somebody like Scott. And as seen in the trailer, he is getting jumped on by a cockroach, I belive that he looses the challenge of some sort and gets the boot for his team.

    • Jo - Jo is kind of like the TDRI version of Eva, like how Scott is TDRI's Duncan. Because of being a jockette like Eva, I belive that she'll get eliminated next.

    • B - B is a silent type character. Due to this, I think that he will be the first eliminated from the Rats.

    • Staci - Now, it's obvious why I think Staci goes here. Fourth episode is called "T…

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